$37 per person | minimum 20 people
Choose bread starter, 2 kebabs, 1 whole meat, 3 salads, 2 desserts
Bread Starter
Trio of freshly baked breads and 2 dips
Gourmet Kebabs
Thai chicken with a peanut sauce
Middle Eastern style chicken with yogurt sauce
Spicy lamb koftas with minty yogurt sauce
3 beef and tarragon meatballs with tomato relish
Thai pork sticks with a mango salsa
Prawn and chorizo skewers with garlic aioli
Grilled seasonal vegetables with a honey mustard glaze
Fresh salmon sates with a sesame mayonnaise
Whole Meats
Ginger or honey mustard glazed ham with mustards
Smoked paprika chicken thighs with toasted almond and paprika oil
See salad menu
See dessert menu

Upgrade your menu

Swap the bread starter to pre dinner canapes (check out seasonal canape menu)

3 pcs each, + $5.50 pp

Swap bread starter to anti pasta grazing platter

+ $1.50 pp

Simplify your menu

Take out bread starter

-$5.00 pp

Take out dessert

-$7.00 pp

Menu price is food ready for service | clean up fees may apply | prices exclude GST