What makes our boxed and bagged lunch packs so special?

All our food is made to order by hand in our rural commercial kitchen .We only use the freshest produce available including herbs from our garden. We bake our own breads as well as hand make all our pastries and baked goodies. We use bio degradable and compostable packaging where ever possible. We have a great range of options to suit all your needs. We are passionate about providing great food and service to our valued our clients!

Choose 1 option - min 10 people, choose 2 options – over 10 people

fill the tank

  • Large filled roll
  • Fresh bread twist with chorizo and relish
  • Parmesan lavosh
  • Large cookie
  • Paper bag of grapes

    scottish picnic

  • Whole Scotch egg
  • Two cheeses and chutney
  • Oatcakes
  • Freshly baked Bap with butter
  • Shortbread wedge

traditional favourites

  • Door stopper sandwich
  • Crust-less quiche
  • Tasty cheese straws
  • Seasonal fruit muffin

    healthy go-go

  • Thai beef or chicken Caesar salad
  • Parmesan lavosh
  • Fresh fruit kebab
  • Health -nut bar

hit the spot

  • Filled tortilla
  • Picnic pie square
  • Garlic crostini
  • Pot of fresh hummus
  • Gourmet sweet slice

    stop gap

  • Small filled croissant
  • Frittata square
  • Parmesan lavosh
  • Gourmet sweet squares (2)

allergy aware

  • Seasonal frittata
  • Seasonal salad
  • Seed crackers
  • Pot of fresh hummus
  • Frangipani slice

    kid friendly

  • Just ham crust-less sandwich bites
  • Cheese straws or crostini
  • Raw vege sticks
  • Pot of Kiwi onion dip
  • Mini cookies in a bag

Allergy aware and Kid Friendly packs can be ordered separately (no minimum number if added to an order) | service, set up, clean up or delivery fees may apply | prices exclude GST