minimum 20 people
$20.00 per person
Creamy scrambled eggs (v, gf)
Toasted Burgen bread (v)
Slow roasted tomatoes (v, gf, df)
Grilled streaky bacon (gf, df)
Agria potato hash browns (gf)
Mushrooms sautéed in garlicky butter (v, gf)
Homemade smokey baked beans (v, gf, df)
Breakfast sausages
Muesli and Fruit
Homemade toasted muesli (df)
Fresh fruit salad or warm fruit compote (gf, df)
Greek yogurt (gf)

Simplify your menu

Take out the muesli and fruit

-$3.00 pp

Delivery and set up included | Service and clean up available - fee structure | prices exclude GST