Minimum order of 10 pieces per item unless pick up


Small croissants $3.60
Smoked chicken, brie and cranberry sauce
Ham, scrambled egg, tasty cheese and tomato
Smoked salmon, scrambled egg and dill
Breakfast kebab $4.50
Meaty sausage, bacon, mushroom and tomato
Toast cups $4.00
Savoury mince and cheese
Creamy mushroom, herb and spinach (v)
Burritos minis $4.00
Streaky bacon, egg and tomato
Portabello mushroom, egg, spring onion and cheese
Breakfast frittata $4.00
Bacon, sausage, tomato and feta with balsamic onions


Waffle Hearts $2.50
Berry Compote with vanilla and cream x2
Banana, maple syrup and cream
Freshly baked $3.50
Brown sugar and cinnamon French toast muffins
Cinnamon scrolls
Blueberry and lemon muffins
Breakfast boats
Fresh, seasonal fruit salad, Greek yogurt and honey $2.50
Homemade muesli, warm fruit compote and Greek yogurt $3.50

Service, set up, clean up or delivery fees may apply | prices exclude GST | pick up only for orders under $150 with heating notes supplied