Made fresh to order

Finger sandwich $2.60
Chicken, green goddess dressing, celery, pistachio and mesclun
Ham, tomato, egg mayonnaise, salsa verde and lettuce
Tuna, pickle, celery mayo, salsa verde and lettuce
Hummus, red onion, tomato, relish and mesclun
Mini croissants $3.60
Smoked chicken, cranberry and brie
Ham, Swiss cheese and relish
Mini baps $3.60
Bacon, brie, avocado, tomato and lettuce
Pastrami, Swiss cheese, pickle, tomato
Chicken, horseradish mayo and crunchy greens
Small scones $2.00
Tasty cheese, sun dried tomato and chive
Pinwheel rolls $2.60
Ham, sprouts, carrot, cottage cheese and chives
Salami, couscous, spinach, carrot
Cheesy Mexican
Allergy aware
Antipasta plate $12.00
Julienne vegetables, rice crackers, fresh hummus $5.00
Asian rice paper rolls and dipping sauce $5.00

Hot from our ovens

Gourmet quiches $3.10
Bacon, onion and cheese
Spinach, caramelized onion and feta
Gourmet pies $3.60
Prime mince with rosemary, tomato and hint of chilli
Chicken, leek, garlic and thyme
Sausage rolls $2.10
Pork, caramelized onion and fennel
Beef, chutney and a hint of curry
Open pastries $3.60
Mediterranean vegetable and feta
Chorizo, red pepper, relish and herb
Frittata fingers $2.50
Seasonal vegetables and fresh herbs
Asian chicken with dipping sauce
Beef balls with relish

Handmade Sweet Treats

Iced eclairs $2.00
chocolate or coffee
Sweet muffins $3.50
Blueberry and crunchy lemon with curd
Gourmet Slice $3.00
Creamy Lemon crumb
Double chocolate brownie
Pineapple and raspberry frangipani
Birdseed and honey energy bar
Cookies $3.60
Gooey chocolate chunk
Glace ginger shortbread
Coffee crystal
Sweet tarts $4.00
Lemon meringue
Cute cakes $4.00
Date and ginger stickies
Carrot and pineapple with cream cheese icing
Almond friands $3.60
Raspberry and lime
Pear and coconut
Seasonal Fruit $3.00
Fruit kebab
Sweet platter $65.00
A mixed selection of Chefs choice of gourmet sweet bites and seasonal fruit kebabs (min 10 people)

Service, set up, clean up or delivery fees may apply | prices exclude GST | Pick up only for orders under $150 with heating notes