minimum 20 pieces per item
4 pieces | $9.50 pp
  • Sandwich bites
  • Mini filo baskets
  • Frittata bites
  • Mini friands
    5 pieces | $11.50 pp
  • Sandwich bites
  • Buttery baby scones
  • Mini quiches and pies
  • Frittata bites
  • Sweet bites
    6 pieces | $14 pp
  • Sandwich bites
  • Tortilla pinwheels
  • Rice paper parcels
  • Petit pastries
  • Tiny tarts
  • Bitty biscuits
    7 pieces | $15.50 pp
  • Sandwich bites
  • Buttery baby scones
  • Mini filo baskets
  • Rice paper parcels
  • Cutie Pies
  • Baby bites
  • Bitty biscuits

Made fresh to order

Sandwich bites
Chicken, green goddess dressing, celery and pistachio
Ham, egg mayonnaise, salsa verde and lettuce
Herby cream cheese and salmon or cucumber
Buttery baby scones
Tasty cheese, chive and sun-dried tomato
Blue cheese with ham and port poached fig
Tortilla pinwheels
Ham, sprouts, carrot, cottage cheese
Salami, lemon and herb couscous, spinach and carrot
Herby cream cheese and asparagus (s)
Mini filo baskets
Smoked salmon mousse with herb
Italian caponata with balsamic glaze
Rice paper parcels
Prawn, avocado, pink ginger and coriander
Vietnamese chicken and julienne vegetable

Hot from our ovens

Petit pastries
Cherry tomato, pesto and parmesan
Chorizo, roast pepper and relish
Mini quiche
Bacon, onion and cheese
Leek and Swiss cheese
Cutie Pies
Mince with rosemary, chilli and tomato
Chicken, garlic and leek
Frittata bites
Creamy potato and salmon
Seasonal vegetable and feta frittata squares

Handmade Sweet Treats

Baby bites
Marbled chocolate brownie
Pineapple and raspberry frangipani
Bitty biscuits
Crunchy sugar and almond shortbread squares
Baby yoyos sandwiched with lemon buttercream
Tiny tarts
Lemon curd
Baby pecan
Mini friands
Blueberry and lime

Service, set up, clean up or delivery fees may apply | prices exclude GST